Lakes & Rivers


Gowganda Lake

This is our home lake. It is about 6 miles long with 2 arms that stretch out about 2 miles each in length. Its depth is over 150 feet deep, near the base of Hanging stone falls that tumbles into the lake at the south end. Gowganda Lake is also fed by the Montreal River. A water control dam at
the north end controls the water level to an average depth of less than 30 feet.

There are over 35 milesof rugged shoreline plus islands and many shoals that help to make this lake home for walleye, small mouth bass, northern pike, and Lake trout. You can also find perch, rock bass and whitefish. Walleye growing over 10 pounds in size and small mouth over 4 pounds have been caught yearly. Lake trout fingerlings have been stocked yearly by the Ministry of Natural Resources since 1999 and are now reaching sizes in excess of 7 pounds.

Obushkong Lake

This Lake is known for large northern pike, walleye and small mouth bass. It involves a portage of about 200 yards around the falls that flows into Obushkong Lake. No need to worry about carrying boats as we have some already waiting for you on the far side. Once there, you have over 10 miles of the lake and Montreal River to fish. It has a rocky shoreline and several weed beds. The lake is fairly shallow with a maximum depth of about 20 feet and the river ranges in depth from a couple of feet to about 30 feet.

Elkhorn Lake

It is a small mouth bass fisherman’s playground. This lake is about 3 miles long and about a mile wide. It contains a large island in the middle plus many smaller islands; shoals and bays are found throughout it. Most of the shoreline is rocky. The maximum depth is about 75 feet with an average depth of about 20 feet.

Wapus River – Penassi Lake

This is basically a picturesque river area that stretches for over 12 miles before you encounter shallow rapids. Along with walleye, northern pike, small mouth bass, and perch found in its water, you may see plenty of waterfowl, and the occasional moose and black bear are spotted. It has rocky shoreline with several areas for having a quiet shore lunch. Weed beds can be found throughout the stretch of
river and lake.