General Store

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The store on the camp property is the only store for about a 20 mile radius. It carries groceries, beer, liquor, souvenirs and, of course, fishing tackle and live bait. We also have a gas bar with premium unleaded and diesel.
Upon entering the store you will find the ice, tobacco products and snack food items such as chocolate bars, chips, pop, and ice cream. Also you may purchase your hunting and fishing licenses.
For the successful non-resident bear and moose hunter, export permits are available.

Fisherman Section

The true hearted fisherman will find a room full of tackle. We carry mostly brand name tackle such as Rapala, Berkley, Mister Twister, Beck, Lucky Strike, Blue Fox and Strike King. Rods, reels, bait buckets, and landing nets can be found here as well for those who need to update or have forgotten these items back home. Minnows, night crawlers, and leeches are also sold here.

Souvenir Section

Our souvenir section carries sweaters, shirts, jogging pants, and jackets with various pictures and designs in sizes from babies to adults. There are also moccasins, leather belts, baseball hats, toques, and gloves for the cold days of the hunting season. Besides clothing there is a variety of glassware, figurines, jewelry, postcards,etc.


The liquor and beer department carries a wide variety of domestic beers, whiskeys, rum, alcoholic coolers, and red or white wines. Some of these different beverages can even be found already chilled.

Grocery Section

The grocery section contains a variety of canned vegetables, soups, and stews. You will also find cookies, condiments, baking supplies, pasta and spices. Paper plates, towels, plastic cups and cutlery can be found by those who do not like to do dishes. For cooking your days fish catch you can chose from a variety of pre-packaged fish batters or make your own from flour, bread or cracker crumbs that are all available. Our freezer contains ground beef, pre-packaged hamburger patties, chicken and sausages for you to barbeque or cook indoors. Frozen juices, cakes, pies, and French fries are also found here.  Our fridge section contains perishable items as milk, cheese, sour cream and more.